New Year Closing Times

We will be closed from January 1st 2017 and then re-open on Monday 9th of January 2017

Closed due to summer break from 31st July to 14th August

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM – 9:00PM

020 3583 6442

Liman Lunch Offer

£14.90 from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 15:00

Choose one starter and one main course 

(which comes with rice salad and bread)
Lunch Menu

Liman: Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

Moments of pure comfort and joy arise both from within ourselves and from our harmony with our environment, and our singular aim in life is to create as many such moments as possible. At the core of that harmony is a never-ending rhythm between places and things over time.

It is in precisely this ‘rhythm’ that Liman’s trademark lies. It is a rhythm that grows, sometimes with music, sometimes with flowers, but mostly with lovingly-prepared dishes and the indispensable element of hospitality; along with humility, care and respect.

For two years Berivan and Niyazi, the creators of Liman’s rhythm, combined fresh-daily ingredients to create the historical dishes of Turkey and the Mediterranean. But they didn’t stop there: In 2018, they decided to revamp their restaurant’s identity, décor, furnishings, food and wine menus, with the central goal of serving their guests something even better. In this new incarnation, they stepped up the rhythm; with Niyazi in the kitchen and Berivan in the dining room, they are once again welcoming guests into their ‘home.’

“This is our home, and our customers are God’s gift to us.”  This sums up the way they embody two lifetimes of experience and love for their craft. “A visitor to our home was always special, and food provided the central focus of our hospitality. From the moment they arrived, and throughout their visit, we would do all in our power to make sure they realised how important they were to us.” And Liman’s guests, welcomed as if to a private home with memories and tales brought from afar-away land, feel exactly the same way.

This hospitality extends to the harmony of colours as well, from the fresh flowers on the table to the paintings on the walls; the hand-made porcelain plates and the music in the background. More than just a restaurant, Liman is an orchestra that appeals to your ears and heart as well as to your palate, from the moment you step in the door.

Liman’s menu features dishes from the “Fertile Crescent” to the Levant, which have passed the long test of history, faithful to the hearths of old while also embracing the soil and life of their new land, with ingredients acquired fresh daily. But some vital ingredients can only be brought from Turkey, like pistachios from Antep, dried rose petals, tart pomegranate molasses, sumac, local pepper flakes and dried apples. The wine list is also created with an eye to the lands represented on the menu. But whatever Liman prepares and serves, its guests remain the most vital element. Because Liman is our home, and the rhythm of our lives.

We invite you to visit, and add your own unique beauty.

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